Cavecool wine fridges are commercialised and sold by several retailers.

Resellers of Cavecool are successfully providing high quality and cool looking wine fridges to wine enthusiasts throughout the World.

At super sharp prices, the Cavecool brand offers something for everyone to be happy about. The end-user satisfaction is at the absolute top.

The coolest thing about Cavecool is the ability to create loyal customers. There is a Cavecool product available at almost any size. With capacities spanning from 6 bottles to 220 in a single unit, there is plenty room for wine enthusiasts to evolve and expand.

The wine fridge for beginners

The Cavecool range is ideal for customers looking for their very first wine fridge. Some people may cautiously be considering the idea of owning a wine fridge to see if they find the concept appealing. And a so-called beginner’s wine fridge at a sharp price is a great way to find out without a huge cost. 

Cavecool offers just that kind of wine fridges. Customers can easily and cheaply get an introduction to storing and serving wine at the right temperature. And when the wine fridge looks great at the same time, nobody will argue against that.

The growing wine cooler cabinet

Once the customer has been bitten by the wine collector bug, there is imminent “danger” that the need for more storage capacity will arise. Retailers are now ready to propose the next step on the wine lover’s journey. And Cavecool is here to offer a wine fridge for the purpose. 

This voyage and expanding wine enthusiasm with the customer are what Cavecool supports! To support resellers, the Cavecool team is continuously striving to create a perfect partnership through constant product development aimed at pleasing the growing number of wine enthusiasts all over the World. 

The cool partnership

The business advantage of Cavecool is total control of the entire supply chain from design and production to distribution and after sales support. Not only is cool quality and cool design the hallmark but also very attractive wholesale prices are what Cavecool is about!

Join the growing crowd of cool resellers of Cavecool.

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